Afro-Americans were brought here in chains. They worked as chattel slaves for over 250 years. For another hundred years they were hounded and persecuted, lynched and tortured, degraded and humiliated by a bunch of merciless grabbers from Europe who invaded America to rule.

Let's take a look at these Europeans who came to America and now put on such great airs in talking to Afro-Americans. First, there were the very old immigrants who came in the 17th and 18th centuries. A few aristocrats and wealthy Englishmen were given full control over the colonies by the King of England. They emptied the English jails of debtors, prostitutes, vagrants, criminals -- what they called the very scum of England -- and brought them here at forced labor. This policy was continued by the English Parliament. Some immigrants came here to escape persecution from the European rulers. Some came, like the Hessians, originally as soldiers to crush the American rebellion. All of them found a scapegoat in the African slave against whom they united in order to exploit him to death, just as they united to exterminate the true Americans, the American "Indians". (Notice the lying language: the "Europeans" called themselves "Americans" as though they had always lived here, while they called the Americans whom they found here, Asians -- "Indians".)

These "European invaders", the "old families of the South" included -- that is, the scum of old England -- are those who now put on the greatest airs and act as though they are nobility. These are the ones who believed that God Almighty had granted them full power to rape African women, sell their children into slavery, kill any African at will, etc.

The second group of Europeans were poor miserable illiterate workers and peasants kicked out of Europe by poverty, hunger, tyranny, and oppression. They wanted land and jobs and were very willing to get these things even if this meant keeping the Afro-Americans out. These Irish, Scandinavians, Germans, Hungarians, Slavs, Italians, Greeks, and others, occupied the best farm lands in the North and West; they grabbed the good jobs in the factories, mills, mines, transportation, etc., in the East. They began to own businesses, control the schools, run the government jobs, run the trade unions, and also began to think of themselves as, very big shots. They dropped the idea that they were Europeans and called themselves Americans, as they called the Africans, "niggers".

As the Euro-Americans got more powerful, they thought they were better than anyone else. According to them, Americans had discovered a new way of life -- the American Way -- where justice, mercy, truth, democracy. and prosperity prevailed. Every man was free (but not the nigger). every man was healthy and happy (but not the nigger), every man had equal opportunity (but not the nigger), every man had free education (but not the nigger), every man could vote (but not the nigger), every man had a good job (but not the nigger), and so on and so forth. We'll "nigger" the hell out of them yet!

Thanks in part to African slavery, The Euro-American has now come to believe that he is boss of the world. He is out to dominate Europe, to crush the Soviet Union, to destroy China, to tie up India and Indonesia, and to gobble up Africa and Latin America. The Euro-American who believes all this is as nutty as the German nazis. We will fight them tooth and nail until they learn to stop being cannibals and act like decent human beings.

Afro-American revolt will prick "Whitey's" balloon once and for all. It will cost the ruling regime $100 billion a year and will keep more than one million soldiers tied down to suppress the coming Afro-American actions. We can throw the U.S.A. economy into a deep crisis. We can make the Euro-American rulers lose their power in Africa, in Latin America, in Asia, and over the peoples of Europe. The Afro-American can well play the role of Samson to pull down the palaces of the Philistines.

In a previous document entitled Afro-American Manifesto, we have stated our general estimate of the situation facing the Afro-American. This historic document has had a wide distribution and a fine reception in many quarters. Now it is time to take the next step, to issue a general Program of Action and a Platform for an independent political party of the Afro-American people.



A. The purpose of this program is to enable the Afro-Americans in the United States to develop our power in the broadest sense in order:

B. In order to realize our purposes we Afro-Americans must carefully work out an over-all strategy of civil disobedience, an effective program and a powerful suitable organization. The general strategy should include the following aspects:


A. The construction of a proper organization to carry on the fight is absolutely essential at the present time and is vital to the success of our cause. Only a political party properly constructed and led can be such an organization. Let us take a look at the evidence:

B. What kind of a political party do we want?

C. HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET SUCH A PARTY? Well, how did others in other lands build such parties? The course is relatively simple, although not easy, if we want to follow it.

D. THE FORMATION OF THE AFRO-AMERICAN PEOPLES PARTY The Afro-American Peoples Party will run elections on a militant platform which should include the following major planks:

This platform sets out the general aims and goals to be reached. It has to be implemented by specific legislation, specific demands and actions. These are too many to detail here but they will be worked out all in good time under the leadership of the Afro-American Peoples Party. The time is short. Our enemies are many. There is much work to do. Let us begin. History has been waiting too long already.